BajoGlobal-Tour & Mixtape

Some weeks ago I started my BajoGlobal-Tour through Latinamerica: between earthshaking vibrations and gigs at the chilean coast (Valparaiso) and more gigs and meeting companer@s in the argentinean desert (Mendoza) I finished this mixtape. It is a "classical" Mixtape featuring some of my favourite tunes of the last years.

  To listen and download click on the tourposter!

1. Intro called “The Panther Rosa got da Fever”
2. Higo – Com licença
3. Carlos Lamartine – Nzambi Nzambi (RMX Rica Amabis)
4. Anterciopelados – El estuche
5. Capleton – Liberation Time (HipHop RMX)
6. Bonga – Kapakiao (RMX Kassin & Berna Ceppas)
7. El hijo de la Cumbia – Cumbia de los barrios
8. Mexican Dubwiser ft. Candice Cannabis – Cumbia Of The Great
9. Toy Selectah – Hay Guey
10. Up, Bustle and Out – Cumdion Mountain (RMX by Chico Sonido & Toy Selectah)
11. Uproot Andy – Brooklyn Cumbia feat Ol Dirty Bastard
12. Yuri Yunakov & Ivo Papasov – Balkanski/Gyspy Kumbia (Uproot Andy RMX)
13. Cheb Rayan feat. Jalal Hamdaoui - Goulou lmama
14. Luis Visconde & Alvarito – Chofer de Praca (RMX Mauricio Pacheco)
15. Dj Dolores – A Espuma (L’Ecume de nous)
17. Zola – It’s your life
18. Gidigidimajimaji – Atoti pt. 2
19. Magic System – Zouglou Dance
20. Madeira Limpia – Loco (RMX Haaksmann)
21. Tomb Crew – Bigger than
22. Busy Signal – Da Style Deh Payola (Mr. Leub Refix)
23. Jahdan Blakkamoore – Go Round Payola
24. DJ Sujinho – Jam Rock Baile
25. Antonio Carlos Jobim – Agua De Beber (DJ Edgar Remix)
26. Adão Dãxalebaradã – Deus é un negrão
28. M7 – Pretinho Babylon (Flowmotional DigitalDub_Plate)
29. Macaco – El murmullo
30. Bavarian Outro feat. LaBrassBanda

- Global Bass brought to you inna flowmotional style -


Conscious Funk Carioca is still alive

The Rio Baile Funk lyrics are dominated since years by sexism and violence. The worsest stuff talks about statutory rape, unprotected sex or glorifys the locals druggangs. (Read more about Putaria and Probidões.)
So it is always good to see that consciousness is still part of the scene. On SoundGoods Funk Carioca 2009 Mixtape (listen and download) I found, beside nice remixes, these two tracks. Enjoy the lyrics!

Movimento Funk – Movimento Pela Paz:
Various MCs teamed up and raised their voices for less violent police operations in favelas.

Here you can read the lyrics.

Cidinho – Dinheiro é foda
Oldschool Artists Cidinho reflects on the bad side of money.
(The Video shows pictures of the biggest bank robbery in brazilian history). 

Here you can read the lyrics


Get the transnational bass started

After posting some of my old mixes, it is time to get you in touch with some of the newer musical stuff I am into right now, to let you know in which direction the musical journey is heading.
Check out this wonderful mix "World Up Vol.1" by Maga Bo,  an early ambassador promoting a worldwide vision of bass music. Somewhere in between Hip Hop, Dancehall, Baile Funk, Kwaito, Kuduro ... from South Africa, Brazil, Jamaica, Somalia, USA, Senegal, UK, Puerto Rico, Canada ...  he calls it Transnational Bass some call it Tropical Bass, just listen to it ... (and for the portuguese speaking people: pay attention to  the lyrics of Duda do Borel)

Maga Bo did this mix for World Up a NGO merging a global vision of Hip Hop and social engagement. Taken from their homepage:

"World Up is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about international politics, and issues that affect the global community through Hip-Hop and socially progressive culture. Since our fruition in 2004, we have been fostering diversity, cross-cultural understanding, and social change with educational programming and events, like our music festivals and conferences. Helmed by a diverse set of volunteers, we are united by a deep love for music, and our faith in its power as a tool for social and political change." 


On a trip to Rio-Mix

Another classical Baptist mixtape recorded back in 2005 on cassette inna jamaican quality. (So again, what the sound might lack on quality it has an x-amount of vibes). In reminiscence to my good old soundcrew and musical ambassadors from I-Judgement HiFi. Big up all you (country)soundboys!
Starting with the southafrican Hip Hop anthem "Kleva" by Mapaputsi passing through jamaican flavoured Hip Hop and ending with tropical-brazilian vibes.
This mix gives you a little notion in which direction the musical journey started some years ago. 

Especially for you Philman!

Original Flowmotion Tape

For all my old and future fans some vintage vibes in vintage quality! The original Flowmotion Tape was recorded back in 2004 on cassette inna original jamaican style, so what the tape might lack on quality it has an x-amount of vibes.

The smooth (and probably better) B-Side flowin from african roots rebel music over jamaican flavoured hip hop vibes to uplifting chill sounds and ends with the bavarian herbsman anthem.


Finally the www-vibes come around!

After being convinced and inspired by a lot of musical ambassadors out there and listening to the rumors about the end of my loved “Vinyl & 1210 MK2”- era, it's now time to get my online sound universe started (Myspace & "Homepage"). Hopefully you gonna like it!
After wondering what to post here as my first tune, I am now sure that it can't be any other than this ... (sorry... this track will only be fully accessible for my german speaking posse) ...

If you like the track search for the EP with an essential dub version. Jacques  Palminger who works together with Heinz Strunk in the Studio Braun Project released an cool album called "Mondo Jerry" combining freakiness and good vibes. Check out  http://www.myspace.com/palminger to listen to tracks like Polizeihubschrauber (german "Police in Helicopter" - version) and to the Tuedeldub. If you want even more check out the Tuedeldub Remix-EP  by Shackleton, Lawrence, Hey O Hansen and Peter Presto: http://www.hhv.de/item_170250.html

This one is for Mosbichler and Bartholomeo Beach!